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The Plan..

I seem to have some how got on to stage 2 of the plan and I'm a little scared as it might mean climbing out of my rut :/ Good thing or bad thing?

On another note. Why do I seem to spend most of my life waiting for people to get back to me about things and it always being someone I can't chase up :(
Landlord despite all promises to have things fixed seems to have vanished off the face of the planet and surprise surprise, no sign of things being fixed.

Meg's surgery was cancelled on Monday due to her not being quite 100% well. It was the right call, but after being told "you can have a new date before you go home" to "oh we can't get the secretary we'll phone you later" to still not hearing anything and can't get through on the phone to the waiting list department. It's just another thing I have to wait about for and hope :/

Oh and for the archaeologically minded of you out there, can you answer this one?
Since when does context information = pottery report? As Quote"it has some context numbers in it" unquote. No wonder archaeology is a career in ruins. Pah

Feeling a little blue

Changes have happened and yet things are still the same. More changes will happen I'm sure.
Just feeling a little bit of a failure today. I'm sure it'll pass.

Possibly may go down the garden and eat some worms. Well possibly not :P yuk.


Well Z still isn't sleeping.
I have a house husband for a total of 3 days. Mike has managed to wrangle a 4 month contract in a field officer role with a local unit, which hopefully will give us some breathing room to get something more permanent sorted.
Oh yes and I've decided to take up running. As I only used to run if I was being chased, this is going to be interesting..


Been feeling a little blue lately, due to a mixture of things that I am not going to go into, but now I'm getting sick of it.
I am hoping to add a little pink (sun burn is possible when camping in France in September isn't it?)and then at least I can be feeling purple. We're off for a family camping trip to Normandy, which should improve my mood, to this place http://chateaumonfreville.com/01_chateau/
I'm hoping the weather isn't horrible because the place looks lovely.

I am getting increasingly impressed at my daughters taste in films. She has only just starting to have the attention span to watch them, but so far she loves:
Monsters Inc, Ponyo, Shrek, Shrek 2. She is undecided about Lilo and Stitch, and Toy story. But she seems to be totally uninterested in most of the other Disney films.
Meg is currently off nursery with a sore throat and temperature and we are on our first viewing of Shrek 2 for the day. Want to bet how many times we'll need to watch it today?

Dear Jen,

Okay. It's been a little while since an update. Been a little slack there haven't you?

Although saying that you have been working hard. Days, evenings and weekends, when your brain hasn't totally gone on strike. Money has been squeaky bum tight at times and for some reason some of your clients seem to think you should be psychic and absorb what other people are thinking from the ether. And that for some reason that you are doing all this "for the love" and don't really need paying or will happily do lots of extra work for free, 'coz you're nice. They don't know that your just saving up for your weapon of choice in readiness come the revolution.

The bit of teaching you did this year was good, nice to get out of the office and meet some truly enthusiastic people. You feel bad if you let them see your battered and bruised enthusiasm, so it's best to fake it until if feels real again... You did love this job once.

Yet amazingly you've stuck with it, although you have been tempted to quit and get a proper job. Surprisingly you haven't gone on a mad maiming spree on the deserving. You still managed to put food on the table, keep a vaguely clean house, have clean(ish) clothes and still manage to clear the house of Hoshi's living collection of small and scuttling things from time to time. Have pretty much potty trained the toddler without any nasty incidents or tears from either of you and for some reason are contemplating taking up camping again when you have some spare time. I think spare time is that brief period between working, chores and sleeping.

In addition on top of all this you have still somehow not gone into a dieting death spiral resulting in a train wreck of burger, pizza and chips. Down a loss of 1st 3lbs since January (could have been more, but life is too short). Now you can jog for 5 minutes without collapsing and wishing for death.
Go you!

Although I would like to leave you with a small reminder:
You have no will power. Stop buying jam doughnuts and nutella with the excuse that you'll only have one. You won't. You don't like saying no to yourself. Your clients are right, you are too nice. Best to avoid the situation to begin with.
That is all.

Project shedie, Phase 1 complete

As I have given notice on my office rental, I have decided to build an office in my (luckily, rather large) garden. So far we have cleared the ground, put down weed suppressant and sand, and am now waiting for the paving slabs to be delivered. I ordered my new "shed" (actually it's a much more sturdier cabin) last Sunday and they delivered it Tuesday (after stating it would be 5-10 days for delivery), How's that for service. Last night involved some preliminary treating of the wood, with much patio laying happening tomorrow, and cabin building over the weekend.

We have plans for insulating, carpeting and hope to be able to get electric wired in at some point.
All in all, very exciting.

In other news, I have been struggling with weightloss since the new year. 5 months on I had lost a total of 10lbs, most of it being a slow and painful process.
After reaching another plateaux in my weightloss, I have decided to undertake a detox diet to kick start myself off the plateaux.
Today is day 4. I have given up: Processed foods, Sugar (mostly, I may have slipped up on small amounts), Caffeine (that one was really tough), Bread and Wheat products, Milk and cheese. I am drinking lots more water and managing to get in my fruit and veg intake up to and often past the recommended amounts, I am consuming approximately 1400 calories a day (give or take, usually give).
It has taken 3 days to get rid of the "de-tox headache" and associated sniffles.
In this time I have lost 3lb and an inch from my waist. I am assuming this all to be waterloss and bloating, but I am starting to think there is something in this. I can't help wondering what out of all those items had made my waistline expand by an inch.
Oh well. I shall keep going a touch longer and see what happens.

I am.. I have.. I want...

Shamelessly nicked from katchuri and sorcha

I am...
... almost 1 stone lighter than I was at Christmas, although dissappointed that the loss is not more.
...generally fitter. I can now get up Steep Hill in Lincoln without pretending to looking in shop windows to catch my breath.
... tired. The child, is no longer the wonderful sleeper that she was and I really don't know who to change it.
...really busy but really, really skint.
...going to continue my pottery class, even though I can't afford it. As I love throwing pots and I've just got the hang of doing bowls.

I have...
... a wonderful daughter (except at 4am, when she wants to get in our bed)
... lots of new veggie seedlings, as I haven't done any proper gardening for atleast two years.

I want...
... to stop feeling jealous of other people who see to be getting on in life (as I perceive it)better than myself
... a potty trained daughter, who has discovered how to sleep properly again.
...to stop feeling like i'm constantly running to catch up
...a bigger house

What do you think?

I have been working intermittently on my website for my company.


I feel it's a little sparse and requires a little bit more.. I have to think about adding to the blurb. I'm wary about adding too many photos, as some of the subject might not be appreciated by some members of the public who are unhappy with bones. What do you think? Any ideas?

I would appreciate any comments anyone would like to give.


Struggling, kinda

Following up from the New Years resolution thing. Some of it's going OK, some of it is a struggle.

I have lost some weight, although I will be honest and admit that I haven't been as dedicated as I could be, but hey. A loss is a loss.

This is were the struggle lies.
I can't get interested in my work, not the research side as such, but the bit that actually makes the money and pays the bills. I'm bored. When I get bored I eat. Today is a great example, I don't think I have stopped eating. Although I think I have cracked this one a bit as I am snacking on healthy things, which minimises the damage.

I need to spend more time at work to make up for the time I am wasting struggling to work and therefore have little extra time for planned exercise.

I've decided that I'm going to be a millionaire when I grow up, then I can work when I feel like it.

The new hobby is going well, I have brought home some of my first fired ceramics, quite pleased with them, but still needs work. I will say that wheel throwing pottery is no way near as easy as it looks. My very shaky examples are yet to be fired. It will be a brave person who has a cup of tea in one of my mugs :)
Ok, I'm suffering mum guilt, I can't tell if I'm being irrational.

Here's the deal.

Megan has been at nursery since she was 6 months old. She loves going to nursery, all of the nursery nurses seem to love her there and she has a couple of friends that she talks about. It was always our plan to move her to a better nursery closer to home when she reached two (the new nursery doesn't take them before two years). Now the time has come for me to notify the nursery that Meg will be leaving and I'm starting to feel guilty about it. I know she will settle into a new nursery no problem, but I still feel bad about changing things. Am I being daft?

On the flip side, the kitchen project is progressing, we are living in a bit of a builders yard, but we are seeing results, so all good so far...